If you're doing SEO for clients, this white label software is going to save you dozens of hours and A LOT of headaches.

Would you like a better way to get more content from your clients? Instead of countless phone calls with your clients asking for them to give you content, constant emails back and forth and then waiting for them to give you content weeks.

We have created a solution called Profolio that allows your clients to take photos and videos of their completed work via a mobile app and upload them straight to their website, perfectly formatted with all the SEO metadata included. They can add testimonials, photos/videos about their work, which allows them to create a portfolio for themselves that can increase traffic to their website whilst it being hands-off on your end.

So instead of having to chase your clients to give you content or creating all the unique content yourself, they can create a visual portfolio of all the work they have completed which increases trust with website visitors.

P.S. – Did I mention it’s a 100% white label software? Meaning you can have your own branding and treat this as your own software that can be a part of your agency/freelance business! It’s going to be awesome.

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